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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1) Any public visitor may freely visit the platform whose information is public.

2) Information on actions and organizations is available by geographical situation and by subject or area of ​​interest.

3) Anyone wishing to provide information must register giving at least his real full name, mail, city and country. Any information checked as false will be eliminated.

4) Any registered person can enter a new Action, and then modify it, and automatically becomes administrator responsible for the provided information.

5) Any registered person can introduce a new Organization and edit it, and becomes automatically responsible for the information given. Any person legally or legitimately in charge of an organization may request to be administrator of the information on her/his organization.

6) An Action Administrator may ask to the Organistion Administrator to support or participate in this action.

7) Any authenticated person may report information as false or inadequate.

Comments, suggestions and problems

This application is clearly participation oriented. Thank you all for sending your comments, suggestions and difficulties to the mail: